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This is the wiki for CPSC 312 in 2018. You can edit the wiki if you log in with your CWL.

Project 1


Post links to your project here; give it a meaningful link and title. Please create appropriate headings.

Example Heading

Project Title (Authors)


Encryptichat (Ford, Adrien, Matthew)

Natural Language Interfaces

Bag of Words spam detection (Andrew, David, and Trueman)

Computer Graphics

Ray-tracer (Jerry, James)

Random Mondrian Art (Myla & Devon)

Machine Learning

Gaussian Process Regression (Frances & Jacobus)

Machine Learning Blackjack (Mario, Leticia, Avtar)

Playfair Cipher Solver (Seiyoung, Alyssa)

Genetic Algorithm Library (Salva, Ofir, Junsu)


Markdown to HTML Parser (Shiv, Kabir, and Nam Hee)

A Math Function Microservice (Xindao, need one more member)

CSV Data Manipulation Progam (Bashara, Austin, Rithikha)

Route Finder

Vancouver Bus Route Finder (Hanae & Seongchan)


Crusher! (Harlan, Shreyas, Tarang)

Smart Dots and Boxes (Mohee, Zorrilla Steenbock)

Kingdom of Zed (Zirius, Bryan)

Sudoku Solver (Rui, Bu, Yao)

Kingdom of Zed (Mitchell, Julian)

Battleship (Kayla, Katharine, Justin)

Text Based Dungeon Adventure (Dan, Feng-Yi, James)

Connect-4 (Minxing, Stephen)

Euclidean Circle Mark-Gabriel

Sudoku X (Edgar, Britton, Dijron)

Sudoku (Leo, Raymond, Phoenix)

Checkers (Myron, Robert, Reed)

Connect Four (Brendan, Mark, Jinhyun)

UI Explorer (Jennifer, Curtis)

Burger Stacker (Rachel, Joy)

Connect Four (Jenny, Chris)

Ultimate Tic Tac Toe (Guilherme, Prayansh, Mingyu)

Minesweeper (Abel, Gareth)

Sudoku Creator(Tushar, Fred)

Pac-Man (Julie, Jenny H.)

Conway's Darwinian Nightmare (Al, Tristan, Rob)

Peg Solitaire (Robert, Daylan)

Texas Hold'em (Eric, Youssef, Xiaojie)

2048 (Linda, Adam)

Snakey ( Yi, Carol)

Conway's Game of Life (Tom, Susie, James)

Lights (Sophia Shi)


Priority Sorter (Austin, Ben)

Combinatorial Optimization

Travelling Salesman Problem (Daphne, Jack, Melody)

Web Rendering Engine

Noact (Hunter, Nelson, Elizabeth)

Functional language server (Jason, Jeffrey)


Daedalus (Ben)

Project 2


Numerical Computation:

Matrixlog (James, Jerry)


Connect 4 (Minxing, Stephen)

Tic Tac Toe (Leticia, Avtar, Mario)

Hunt the Wumpus (Andrew, David, Trueman)

Connect 4 (Myron, Nelson, Robert)

Sudoku-X (Edgar, Drijon, Britton)

Chinese Chess (Leo, Raymond, Phoenix)

Flop (Poker) (Ben, Harlan)

Cluedo (Murder Mystery Game ) (Fred, Tushar)


Cluedo Assistant (Jeffrey, )

Battleship (Tarang, Shreyas)

Sudoku-Cheater (Al, Rob, Tristan)

Museum Heist (Daphne, Melody)

Escape Game (Jenny, Chris)

Graph Theory:

Dijkstra's Algorithm (Adrian, Ford, Matt)

Expert Systems:

Flight Control (Bu, Shi)

Smart Store System (Guilherme, Ming, Prayansh)


Auto Advisor (Zirius Ding, Bryan Lo)

CS312 Prolog Chatbot (Shiv, Nam Hee, Kabir)

Course Schedule Bot (Reed Esler, Dan Glaser)

Generalized 'Expert' Chatbot (Elizabeth Hnatiuk, Fengyi Bian)

AWS Certification Adviser (Jack, Xindao)

Recommender Systems:

Course Recommender (Jennifer, Curtis)

NBA Game Prediction (Austin, Ben)

Hotel Recommender (Joy, Rachel)

Crime Solver (Myla, Devon)

COGS Module Course recommender (Abel, Gareth)


Degree Planner (Julie, Jenny)

CPSC Grad Planner (Hanae, Austin, Seongchan)

University Agenda (Isabel, Kushal)

Natural Language:

Runescape (Mitchell, Julian)

NaturalLanguageInterpreter (Jason)

Happiness NLP (Susie, James, Tom)

NLP Disease Diagnosis (Rikki, Bashara)

Smart-Home Control System (Ofir Talmor, Salvador Corts)

NLP_Query (Robert, Daylan)

Multi Agent System:

Multi Agent System (Frances, Philip)


PianoLog (Alyssa, Seiyoung)

Ecological System (Brendan, Mark, Jinhyun)

Data Computation:

Pokémon Pro Log (Yi , Yang,Hunter)

Web Service:

Booking Service (Eric, Xiaojie, Youssef)

Restaurant Finder (Yelp) (Justin, Katharine, Kayla )


CipherLog (Adam, Linda, Junsu)