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Text Based Dungeon Adventure

Authors: Dan Glaser, Feng-Yi Bian, James Wang

What is the problem?

We will use Haskell to implement a text based adventure/dungeon game that will allow users to navigate the world, interact with objects, gather items, and use the items to alter the experience.

By constructing the foundation of the game, it should be possible for additional worlds to be implemented while having functional controls already incorporated. Ultimately, this allows for additional level design or new fun objects to be added to the game which will alter the game entirely.

What is the something extra?

By developing the game and controls to navigate, it should be possible to import additional levels into the “engine”. Additionally, we will create a unique adventure from the ground up with multiple ways to complete the game. There will be rooms, items, enemies, and puzzles that will make the game difficult, but exciting.

What did we learn from doing this?

We learnt that Haskell is a great language to develop a text-based adventure game. With a foundational program, it is possible for others to develop other adventures with much greater ease. This ultimately makes the program much more expandable than just an simple game created using if/then statements.

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