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Authors: Yanyun Bu, Sophia Shi

What is the problem?

An airport need arrange hundreds of planes in one day. However, with the uncertainty of the weather, planes may delay. The delay of plane will affect the arrangement of the runway and the jet bridge. Thus, a optimal arrangement system for flight will be important to increase the efficiency of airplane.

What is the something extra?

The arrangement of plane is a problem that use a limit resource(runways, jet bridge, etc) to maximize the efficiency of the flight. Based on the estimate and actual time of takeoff and landing for each flight, to correctly arrange our resource even though the delay of flight happens.

In addition, I also need to analyze the delay time for each flight in order to get a better performance for customer.

What did we learn from doing this?

The arrangement of flight is a strongly logical problem. Using logical programming can simplify the problem and get an answer logically.

The runway and the jet bridge are the main resource that we need consider.

The flight information is the main variable for the arrangement.

The maximum of the delay time that caused by the arrangement of airplane will be defined.

Thus, based on the information provide above, we can learn from logical programming from:

  • Using Datalog relationship to define whether the runway or jet bridge is occupied.
  • Using function symbol to construct the data of estimate time and delay time for flights
  • Using function symbol to check whether the arrangement of flight will cause that the delay time is too long(over the maximum of the delay time for takeoff).
  • Using Logical Programming to find a optimal arrangement of flight with the minimal sum of delay time for every flight.

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