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Course Schedule Bot

Authors: Reed Esler, Dan Glaser

What is the problem?

Determining what courses you can take within a semester, and worrying about whether or not they overlap can cause many problems. With this project, we are hoping to resolve this problem by providing users with a list of courses available to a student that do not cause schedule conflicts and meet the users requirements.

What is the something extra?

One of the useful features that we implemented is a user database that allows individuals to log in and view the courses that they have taken and what courses are still required before they are able to apply for graduation. Allow with this, there are a number of other features like quickly seeing which professors teach what sections and what the prerequisites are for a specific class.

What did we learn from doing this?

We learnt that this sort of program works extremely well in prolog. The language is great for creating and storing a database and quickly searching through it for some requested information. Even though the syntax involve in prolog is a little different than what we are used to, a simple, text based database program runs extremely efficiently and is very interesting to implement.

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