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A Functional Language Server

Authors: Jason, Jeffrey

What is the problem?

Our problem is serving data. Data is stored in a sql database, and we want to take it out of the database to use it.

Our code is written from a template, and there's comments to explain some code. We added more comments to explain our understanding.

What is the something extra?

We've implemented a query converter to act as a middleware while trying to provide some new query language features. Our implementation is an early start, but we are now able to make queries to the database with the new query language. Returned results are also reformatted to specification from the documentation.

What did we learn from doing this?

We learned that functional language is not the easiest, and we learned that it is good to make plenty of functions with less clutter. In that way, it's is good to us for being efficient on interpretation. For these reasons, functional programming is feasible.

Links to code etc

Here is our GitHub sample. We also made a reusable package on Hackage package index for open sourced contribution.

The sample was built from reading a book while the package was built on data structure packages and specification documentations.