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COGS Module Course Recommender


  • Abel Waller
  • Gareth Antle

What is the problem?

The COGS program presents students with a fairly extensive list of available module courses, each of which have their own prereqs, many of which count towards additional graduation requirements. We will create a program with which users can input their previous course history, and get recommendations on suggested module courses that bring them closest to graduation requirements. Users will also be able to look up necessary prereqs to take certain courses.

What is the something extra?

We will integrate NLP with our database, so that users can query the database effectively

What did we learn from doing this?

We learned that Prolog does not handle user input very well! It was challenging to add user input to the knowledge base and reference it with queries.

However, we did make some good progress with natural language processing, and I (Gareth) am excited to do more with it.

We also learned that modelling properties using rdf's is sometime more difficult than just using dataset specific predicates, and writing to rdf's is very difficult

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