Learning Commons:Student Orientation

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This section will offer a general introduction and overview to the Learning Commons website. We've included a definition of purpose, strategic goals and specific intentions related to the content on each page. Also included is a basic tutorial related to some of the platforms you will be working with as a content author on the Learning Commons website.


These documents will help you orient to the overall role as a CLC web team member including goals, principles and guides. Review this when you start, or to refresh your knowledge.

Developing Content Information

These documents will help you learn how to develop content for the CLC website. You’ll explore ways to work with and develop different types of web content, while keeping in mind considerations about your audience’s demographic and needs. Review this before you create project proposals and while you work on drafts. This is important for everything we share: from social media to blogs, to videos.

Guidelines and Guides (rules we follow)


Conceptualizing Content (brainstorming content)

Extra Materials

Formatting Content (Both Written and Multimedia)

When developing web content, it’s important to consider how formatting and citing the content aids in users’ access to the content. Review this when you post content.