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We are working on a public website and it is essential that we abide by the copyright guidelines set for UBC. Please familiarize yourself with UBC's copyright guidelines. All of the content of the Learning Commons site is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. (Except where otherwise noted). Therefore, when we add images to our site, it is preferable to use either creative commons licensed images or public domain images.


Follow the steps below to learn about Creative Commons License:

  1. Complete the Following tutorial about creative commons. Note at the Learning Commons all of the media we used in licensed  CC-BY or CC BY SA
  2. Read about the different licences
  3. Read about the best practices for attribution using TASL. With the Learning Commons we try to use the idea attribution
  4. How do I know if an image is openly licensed?
    1. It will say so on the image. It will either be CC Licensed or Public Domain or Pixabay or Unsplash License.Note if an image is marked CC BY NC you cannot crop or change it
    2. If you are unsure use Tineye reverse image search or use Google to do a reverse image search
  5. Look into the places we can find openly licensed images.
    1. Wikimedia
    2. Flikr Creative Commons
    3. Flikr UBC
    4. Our own images if we take them
    5. CC Search

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