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This is for a mini-workshop (1.5 hours) on Open Learning Design for students involved with the Learning Commons web team and the Digital Tattoo project.

Design Thinking Workshop for Creative Media PostGrads

Proposed Outcomes

Big picture: Participate in a learning design process that can used to develop learning courses, resources. Today, you'll have the opportunity to work as a group to:

  • apply empathy mapping as a design strategy to help you think deeply about the students you are designing for.
  • develop a mindmap to start determining what learners will know, do and value by the completion of the tutorial
Empathy Map Example


Part 1: Understanding our learners

  • What are we designing?
  • persona/empathy mapping

Part 2: Mapping out a resource/course

  • Use a mindmap for planning
  • Wrap up (5 min)

Session Slides

Session Resources

Additional Resources


Design Thinking

Design Thinking Bootleg (resources and methods) – Stanford University: Revised Deck