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Getting Started

Strategic Overview of Website

Word Press

Content that is releavant both in the current Learning Commons site and New Learning Commons site

How to edit content in WordPress (Current/old site)

Blog posts

Formatting a Home Page

Home Page is referring to https://learningcommons.ubc.ca/

Formatting a Landing Pages

Landing Pages are referring to pages like Highlights. Tutoring and Studying, Student Toolkits, Resource Guides and Faculty Resources

Formatting a Child Page

Child Pages are referring to individual pages, such as Study Spaces

Creating a Student Toolkits

Student Toolkits are referring to pages that are part of Student Toolkit Landing Page. An example of Student Toolkits are Interacting with Profs.

Formatting a blog

See an example of past student blog posts from here.

How to edit content in WordPress (New Learning Commons Website)

For tips on how to edit the content in WordPress, see Transition and Training>Transitioning to Website on Teams.

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