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On March 1st 2019, we will be working on creating the "Getting Started" content for the new Open UBC site.

  • Time: March 1st 2PM-4PM
  • Location:Koerner 216


Example of Getting Started Page. There's multimedia content (for ex:video, infographics etc) on the side, and there's a "tab" which embeds seperate wiki pages.

Format Tips

Multimedia content beside the tab

  • It can be a video,infographic, graphics, visual diagram.
  • UBC related content is preferred.
  • The multimedia content is related to the topic of the page.
  • The multimedia content does not require prerequisite in order to understand (i.e. anyone new to the topic will be able to understand what it is about)


  • Short overview on what is it about
  • Approximately 200-500 words.


  • How section should be comprehensive yet simple overview. Think of it as a poster section, bullet pointed and scan-able.
  • Approximately 200-500 words.
  • Links to Toolkits for longer "how-to"

In Practice

  • Examples of what Faculty,Staff,Students in UBC are doing in practice with a link to the "Examples" sections

Get Started

when you create a page, you can click on the pencil icon to switch to source editing mode (wiki text) or visual editing (similar to editing in Microsoft Word or Wikipedia). If this is your first time editing in UBC Wiki, editing using visual editor will be recommended.



Added to the research section of the website.




If we have time, we can start thinking about adding a toolkit to the open ubc site:

How to Edit in Wiki

Wiki basics.png Formatting.png Add media icon.png Adding pages.png Licensing Citation.png
7 Things About Wikis

Privacy in UBC Wiki

About the UBCWiki

Help and Support

Basic Formatting

Formatting Tables

Footnotes and References

Adding Images

Embedding Video

Embedding Slides

Adding a Sandbox Page

Renaming or Moving a Page

Upload a new version of a file

Sources for Open Images

Open Licenses

Attributing Open Licensed Material

Searching for Open Education Resources

Citing Resources in the Wiki

Adding Creative Commons License

Google Doc

Google Doc that was used during the sprint: