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The following is the new Open UBC website architecture. There are a number of areas that require more content from the library. This page will be used to gather this information and brainstorm in the Open Scholarship group additional content that needs creating.

Reading the Table

Links - Content that the library has that can also reside on the Open UBC site

Get Started - Guides answered who, what, where, why of the issue/topic

Toolkit - Tools, supports, and services to specific aspects of the topics. This answers the how.

Examples - Specific examples of the issue/topic in practice at UBC.

Bold - Gap areas that may need content built

Open UBC New Web Architecture & Content

Website Architecture Access Research Education What's Missing or Doesn't Fit?
Get Started
  • Open Pedagogy
  • Open Technology/Learning Workshops archive
  • OA on CV
  • Tenure + Promotion with OE
  • Academic profiles for OS content
  • Finding Open Data
  • Finding Open Access Journals
  • Creating a Data Management Plan
  • How to Make Research Open Access
  • Share Your Data
  • Sharing Code and Data
  • Creating a DOI
  • Open Science Framework Workshop page
  • Pre-Registering Your Study
  • Author’s Guide to Self-Archiving, Publication Versions, and Permissions
  • Sherpa Services for checking Funder and Journal Open Access Publication and Compliance Policies
  • Finding Systematic Review Protocols
  • Creating OE resources
  • Open learning and teaching tools
  • Why + How +What is learn in the open (combined)
  • Why + How + What is teach in the open (combined)
  • highlight an Open Journal on Campus
  • highlight a partnership with cIRcle - faculty research ingest
  • digital meiji project
  • Open Collections
  • Digitization Centre project?
  • CTLT APC fund
  • Student projects???
  • Law faculty Allard Research Commons
  • MOA collection
  • Open Scholarship Symposium
  • Syzygy
  • people using OSF - some people use OSF to manage their labs
  • Open Science integration into undergrad education at UBC-O
  • people using Git to manage classrooms etc
  • Geri Ruissen - work on preregistration??
  • Making Research Accessible Initiative
  • IRES - Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability
  • follow up with Allan Cho
  • Find people at UBC using OSF
  • FRDR. Find and Share Canadian Research Data.
  • Dataverse
  • OSF

Getting Started Content Format

Documentation:Open UBC Website Sprint March 2019

Schedule for Completion

Timeline Activity Assigned
January 2019
  • Identify the Library web content available for the Open UBC (above)
  • Identify the gaps in content (above)
Open Scholarship Sub-Committee (OS SC)

Open UBC Working Group (OU WG)

February - March 2019
  • Decide how the content will be streamed into the website from various spaces
  • Transition/Modify content to be streamed into the website
  • Identify who could write content for the gaps identified & approach them
  • Develop writing template for authors
  • Set a sprint meeting to work on the Getting Started Guides (wait for Mathew's schedule)


Erin, Stephanie, Will

Rie, Will, Erin

March - May 2019
  • Set-up resources sprints to write/rewrite/combine content for the website and to transition content to appropriate web spaces
  • Invite OS SC and OU WG to participate in sprints
  • Look into Open UBC website's Google Analytics to analyze how users are currently engaging with the resources on the site.

Will, Erin, Stephanie


August 2019
  • Website Completed and ready for review.