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The [subpages] shortcode allows you to place subpages navigation and custom menu (see Creating Custom Menus to learn how to create custom menus) anywhere on the site. You can place it in main content area of the page/post or you can use the Section widget and specify where you want this subpages navigation to appear.

For latest UBC Collab theme, the styling of the subpages navigation is iterated from UBC CLF's Side Navigation

Here is the syntax for the shortcode:

[subpages menu="Valuing Difference"]

Note: "Valuing Difference" is the name of the sample custom menu.

The subpages shortcode has many more attributes.

'siblings' => 'false',
'collapsible' => 'true',
'exclusive' => 'false',
'expand' => 'false',
'menu' => ''

By default, subpages navigation will display child page of current page.


To display other pages on the same level of the current page, add siblings

[subpages siblings=true]

By default, child and grandchild of is collapse under the parent level. To disable collapsible and display navigation in a flat level.

[subpages collapsible=false]

To auto expand to current page, add expand

[subpages expand=true]

By default, subpages navigation allows user to open every single parent group. By adding "exclusive" parameter, it will limit user to expand one parent level at a time and automatically collapse other opened levels.

[subpages exclusive=true]

To use custom menu

[subpages menu="menu-name"]

This plugin also has a some additional shortcodes.

[subpages-next exclude=1,2]

This shortcode displays the next and previous siblings pages that are. the exclude attribute lets you specify the a list of page id that should not be included in the results...

[subpages-progress exclude=1,2 type=success]

This shortcode displays the progress bar of how many pages to display you still have to do to complete. the exclude attribute lets you specify the a list of page id that should not be included in the results... the type lets you change the colour of the progress bar as defined in the

Also see

The [menu] shortcode.