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Faculty of Science
Department of Mathematics
Course Archive 2010-2011
MATH 103 / 207
Integral Calculus with Applications to Life Sciences
Instructor: Cameron Christou
Office: NA
Class schedule: Tue Thu<br\>3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Classroom: BUCH A104
Office hours: NA
Course pages

This wiki is filled with sample problems and blank pages for most of the major concepts that will be covered in class. Each group will be in charge of two lecture pages for the term. It will be their responsibility to fill in solutions to the sample problems provided, create a summary of the lecture, provide relevant external links, and add extra examples as desired. These pages will be marked and added to the group marks for the course.

In addition, there are also group pages and assignment pages where additional course information can be found and discussed.

Using the Wiki

Contributing to the wiki requires you to sign in using your CWL log-in. For information on formatting of text and paragraphs in the wiki, refer to Formatting Help. For information on how to display mathematical equations and symbols within the wiki, refer to Math Help. For further help, please contact the instructor.

Course pages