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About Me

I am a graduate student at the University of British Columbia. Currently, I am also instructor of Math 103 - Section 207, for which I have outlined several Wiki pages to aid in instruction of the course.

I am from the Steel City, Hammertown Ontario. A place whose only defining feature is its famed lack of an NHL team. Due to the abundant smelting factories and steel mills, along with on outer rim of constantly cultivated farmlands and cattle, and location at the southern bend of Lake Ontario, this vibrant metropolis is often referred to as the armpit of Ontario. And although my home can be described as "smelling of sheep turds and road construction", I think this fragrance is far less offensive than the scents of Toronto.

Col 1, row 1 Col 2, row 1 (and 2) Col 3, row 1
Col 1, row 2 Col 3, row 2

I can be contacted by following the instructions given here, or here, or by starting a discussion thread through this Wiki.