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This is the wiki for CPSC 312 in 2017. You can edit the wiki if you log in with your CWL.

Project 1


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Game Playing

Mastermind Bot (Jordan, David, and Seerat) [M]
Battleship (Tak, Trevor) [M]
Reversi(Jerry, George, Andrew) [M]
Minesweeper (Imelda, Rachel, Josh) [M]
Othello (Nicholas, Juliane, Carlos) [M]
TicTacToe (Johnson, Will, Eric) [M]
2048 (Michael, Jack) [M]
Choose Your Adventure (Derek, Vincent, Yan) [M]
StarCraft2BattleSimulator (Mark, JinMin)
2PlayerMahjong (Crystal, Aurlin)
Math24 Solver (Lydia, Emrys)
Murder Mystery (Madison and Vaibhav)
Risk AI (Sheldon, Mah-dir)
Cluedo Electronic Notebook (Katie, Nic and Sam)
Connect Four (Chris, Patience)
Poker Picker (David, Ruimou)
Chess (Phelan, Mesbah)
Pottinator (Cynthia, Nick)


Course Recommender Chat Bot (Raghav and Matthew) [G]
Restaurant Recommendation Chat Bot (Johnson, Brian, and Erik) [G]

Course Search

Course search Bot(James, Laura, Noah) [G]
Course Requirement Query(Kevin, Hugo, David) [G]
CS Siesta Fiesta (Graduation Planner) (Sam, Joel) [G]

Natural Language Interfaces

Blissymbols Interface (Cailean, Cora) [G]
Bus Timer (Arash, Bijan, Dashaylan) [G]
Game Recommendation (Marcus, Alex, Felix) [G]
Car Finder (Kayci, Nathan, Joanna) [G]
Poem Generator(Jimmy, David) [G]
Movie Guru(Gurjosh, Wyatt) [G]
Shift Scheduler (Corey, Lyndon) [G]
Enhanced Search for Airbnb (Harvey, Malinda, Chamantha) [G]


Bus pathfinder (Jack, Jillian, Ethan) [G]
Bus Stop Finder (Andy, Gareth, Noa) [G]
Casting Assistant (Svetlana, Robert, Alena) [G]
Degree Navigator (Andrea, Ruxin, Rhys) [G]
Kidney Matching (Yu Ju, Trisha) [G]
UBC Campus Orientation (Maike, Jamil) [G]
Route Optimizer (Claire, Ford, Madeleine) [M]


Linear Regression(Trevor S, Kevin) [G]
Calculus Tool(Ambikeya, Chase, Edward)
Single Factor Regression Model(Wei Chen) [G]

Web Services

UBC Room Scheduler (Simon, Jingru, Yun) [G]
Auction (Natalie, Annie) [G]
RestuarantFinder (Frederick, Wyan) [G]


Chord Identifier (Caleb, Jack) [G]

Programming Languages

Mini-ML(Addison, Reed) [G]

Project 2


Game Playing

Machine Learning and Data Mining