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What is the problem? State the general problem. If applicable, tell us what information you will use, e.g., a link to some web site that provides the information you used. What will you do?

Create the game Snake using Haskell and the gloss framework.

What is the something extra? What is the in-depth aspect you will do? If the problem is related to some other group's project, tell us how they fit together. If in doubt, include the information.

Create a bot that can play snake as well. We will also make a complete program with a menu where you can select the difficulty of the game.

What did we learn from doing this? (This should be written after you have done the work.) What is the bottom-line? Is logic programming suitable for (part-of) the task? Make sure you include the evidence for your claims.

Logic programming makes programming easier in some aspects especially with recursive methods and lists. The type system was very useful when using the gloss framework by making it easy to understand and use. Our main problem was optimizing the code to run with suitable memory and resources. Maybe with more knowledge of how to use Haskell will yield more optimal results especially when making a simple game like Snake.