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Restaurant Finder

Authors: Frederick, Wyan

What is the problem?

State the general problem. If applicable, tell us what information you will use, e.g., a link to some web site that provides the information you used. What will you do?
The problem we will solve is providing a service to help pick a restaurant on UBC campus. The user will be able to look up restaurants with parameters for pricing, rating, type of cuisine, and location

What is the something extra?

What is the in-depth aspect you will do? If the problem is related to some other group's project, tell us how they fit together. If in doubt, include the information.
The user will be able to query for restaurants using a natural language interface. Questions like 'what is a cheap restaurant?' and 'where is a japanese restaurant?'.

What did we learn from doing this?

(This should be written after you have done the work.) What is the bottom-line? Is logic programming suitable for (part-of) the task? Make sure you include the evidence for your claims.
Logic programming is suitable for this task. It allows for simple solutions to queries with the use of multiple filters provided by the parameters of the restaurants. New parameters can be added easily with the use of tuples. The database can be easily expanded for addition of new restaurants and further details.

Link to github