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Citing the MER wiki in a CV or Resume

Christina says: I list my work on the wiki under either "Relevant Experience" or "Other Educational Experience" (depending on the context), with a little blurb that reads something like:

  • Mathematics Wiki Manager
    • Co-managing an online, open educational resource wiki aimed at first-year students in math courses at the University of British Columbia.
    • Developing resource architecture, appearance, and documentation to improve usability.
    • Designing surveys and coordinating a study to measure resource effectiveness.
    • Successfully authored a grant application for evaluation and development funding.

Carmen says: Though I've never used my CV - I have listed this under professional service. My CV is available on my webpage for those interested to see it.

Bernhard says: I list MER under "Side Projects" and mention the skills MediaWiki, JavaScript, CSS, and my tasks as Founding member, Head of organizing committee, Project manager, Web developer. My short summary is

    • Reaches >80% of the several thousand first year UBC students that take math courses.
    • Over a million pageviews and students cummulatively spent 4.5 years on the resource in the first 2 years after inception.
    • Crashed the UBC server during the April 2014 exam period because too many users tried to access the MER webpage.

Other ideas for citation may be the number of solutions you've written (if you know!) or other ways you've contributed to the wiki. Please add ideas/what you currently use!

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