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My name is Iain Moyles and I am a Ph.D student at The University of British Columbia where I study Applied Mathematics and am part of the Institute of Applied Mathematics. My university hosted webpage can be found here. I am currently a supporter and contributor of the Math Exam Resources which is an ongoing graduate student initiative to improve the access to information regarding past final exam solutions in the math department.

I grew up in Belleville, a small rural town in Ontario. Eventually I ventured off to Oshawa where I obtained my bachelor's degree in physics at UOIT. Among the many zany adventures I was part of, my friends and I each got a tattoo of Maxwell's Equations. There were four of us and four equations so we each got one done. My equation is the modified Ampere's Law:

which also happens to be the longest one. The most common question I get asked is if the tattoo is considered cheating. As a physics major, it would unimpressive if I didn't have it memorized before inking it to my body!