List of UBC Buildings with Classrooms

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Building Building Code Address
Allard Hall ALRD 1822 East Mall
Anthropology and Sociology ANSO 6303 North West Marine Drive
Aquatic Ecosystems Research Laboratory AERL 2202 Main Mall
Asian Centre ACEN 1871 West Mall
Auditorium Annex AUDX 1924 West Mall
B.C. Binnings Studio BINN 6373 University Boulevard
Biological Sciences BIOL 6270 University Boulevard
Buchanan BUCH 1866 Main Mall
Buchanan Tower BUTO 1873 East Mall
Centre for Comparative Medicine CCM 4145 Wesbrook Mall
Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability CIRS 2260 West Mall
Chan Centre CHAN 6265 Crescent Road
Chan Gunn Pavilion GUNN 2553 Wesbrook Mall
Chemical and Biological Engineering Building CHBE 2360 East Mall V6T 1Z3
Chemistry CHEM 2036 Main Mall
Civil and Mechanical Engineering CEME 6250 Applied Science Lane
Coal and Mineral Processing Laboratory MINL 2332 West Mall
D.H. Copp COPP 2146 Health Sciences Mall
David Lam Management Research Centre DLAM 2033 Main Mall V6T 1Z2
Dorothy Somerset Studio DSOM 6361 University Blvd
Douglas Kenny KENN 2136 West Mall
Earth and Ocean Sciences EOS 6339 Stores Road
Earth Sciences Building ESB 2207 Main Mall
Engineering Student Centre ESC 2335 Engineering Road
Food, Nutrition and Health FNH 2205 East Mall
Forest Sciences Centre FSC 2424 Main Mall
Frank Forward FORW 6350 Stores Road
Frederic Lasserre LASR 6333 Memorial Road
Frederic Wood Theatre FRWO 6354 Crescent Road
Friedman Building FRDM 2177 Wesbrook Mall V6T 1Z3
Geography GEOG 1984 West Mall
George Cunningham CUNN 2146 East Mall
Hebb HEBB 2045 East Mall
Hennings HENN 6224 Agricultural Road
Henry Angus ANGU 2053 Main Mall
Hugh Dempster Pavilion DMP 6245 Agronomy Road V6T 1Z4
Indian Residential School History and Dialogue Centre IRSC 1985 Learners' Walk
Institute for Computing (ICICS/CS) ICCS 2366 Main Mall
Irving K Barber Learning Centre IBLC 1961 East Mall V6T 1Z1
J.B. MacDonald MCDN 2199 West Mall
Jack Bell Building for the School of Social Work SOWK 2080 West Mall
Landscape Architecture Annex LAX 2371 Main Mall
Leonard S. Klinck (also known as CSCI) LSK 6356 Agricultural Road
Library PARC@UBC PARC 6049 Nurseries Road
Life Sciences Centre LSC 2350 Health Sciences Mall
MacLeod MCLD 2356 Main Mall
MacMillan MCML 2357 Main Mall
Mathematics MATH 1984 Mathematics Road
Mathematics Annex MATX 1986 Mathematics Road
Medical Sciences Block C MEDC 2176 Health Sciences Mall
Michael Smith Laboratories MSL 2185 East Mall
Music MUSC 6361 Memorial Road
Neville Scarfe SCRF 2125 Main Mall
Old Auditorium AUDI 6344 Memorial Road
P. A. Woodward Instructional Resources Centre IRC 2194 Health Sciences Mall
Pharmaceutical Sciences Building PHRM 2405 Wesbrook Mall
Ponderosa Annex E PONE 2034 Lower Mall
Ponderosa Office Annex F PONF 2008 Lower Mall
Robert F. Osborne Centre OSB2 6108 Thunderbird Boulevard
Student Recreation Centre SRC 6000 Student Union Blvd
The Brimacombe Building BRIM 2355 East Mall
The Leon and Thea Koerner University Centre UCEN 6331 Crescent Road V6T 1Z1
Theatre-Film Production Building TFPB 6358 University Blvd, V6T 1Z4
UBC Farm - Yurt YURT 3465 Ross Drive
UBC Hospital - Koerner Pavilion KPAV 2211 Wesbrook Mall
War Memorial Gymnasium MGYM 6081 University Blvd
Wayne and William White Engineering Design Centre EDC 2345 East Mall
Wesbrook WESB 6174 University Boulevard
West Mall Annex WMAX 1933 West Mall
West Mall Swing Space SWNG 2175 West Mall V6T 1Z4

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