Hebb Building

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Hebb Building
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Address: 2045 East Mall, Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z1[1]
Hours: Mon to Fri: 7:30AM - 5:00PM (After-hours access possible with valid UBC card)
Sat/Sun/Holidays: Closed[1]
Thomas Carlyle Hebb[2]
Original building: Thompson Berwick and Pratt Architects[3]
Current building: Acton Ostry Architects[3]

The Hebb Building, or Hebb, is a six-storey building located at the University of British Columbia's Point-Grey Campus[3]. It is used mainly by the UBC Department of Physics and Astronomy[3]. The Hebb Building is connected to the Hennings Building by a skywalk between the third floors of both buildings.


The original Hebb Building was built in 1964, and was named after Thomas Carlyle Hebb - the first Head of the UBC Department of Physics[2]. The building underwent an upgrade and renovations were completed in 2019[3].


  • Acoustic and optic labs[3]
  • Classrooms[3]
  • Learning centre[3]
  • Lecture theatre[3]
  • Rooftop telescope dome[3]
  • Workshops[3]
Photo of the skywalk connecting Hebb to Hennings.
The skywalk connecting Hebb (L) to Hennings (R).


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