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Music Building
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Address: 6361 Memorial Road, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2 [1]
Notable for:
Roy Barnet Recital Hall[2]
Gardiner, Thornton, Davidson, Garrett, Masson, and Associates[2]

The Music Building is located at the University of British Columbia's Point Grey campus[2]. It is used by the UBC School of Music and houses the Roy Barnett Recital Hall[2][1].


  • Roy Barnet Recital Hall[2]
  • Practice rooms (reserved for music students)


The Music Building opened on January 12th, 1968[2]. The original recital hall in the building was upgraded to the current Roy Barnet Recital Hall in 2010[1].

Roy Barnet Recital Hall

The Roy Barnet Recital Hall is a 255-seat concert hall in the Music Building equipped with audiovisual equipment and recording facilities[1]. It is named after Roy Barnett, whose 2-million dollar gift to the UBC School of Music made the recital hall possible[1].

A bust of the Hungarian composer Béla Bartók, by Jack Harman - located at the main lobby.

The Roy Barnet Recital Hall is used frequently for student, faculty, alumni, and guest performances[1]; as well as auditions and lectures.


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