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This Wikispace is a peer-produced shared resource that will evolve as students post content relating to GRSJ224. You are responsible for creating dynamic and informative wiki pages. As you add and update information throughout the semester, originality, resourcefulness, and creativity is encouraged. The wiki will be sustained for successive semesters so that the work you contribute will be available to future students.


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Helpful Links:



Jury Nullification and Black Communities in the US

Electoral Participation of the Canadian Indigenous Population


Press Freedom In the Philippines


The Impact of Neoliberalism in Latin American Gender inequality.


Cultural Appreciation of Contemporary Indigenous Music in Canada

Indigenous Language Revitalization in Canada: Mohawk/Kanien’kehá:ka Nation

Intergenerational Impact of Residential School Attendance: Implication for Mental and Emotional Well-Being of Indigenous Peoples in Canada

GRSJ224/Historical Treatmet of Aboriginal Women

GRSJ224/Space for Aborignal Women in the DTES

Cultural Appropriation of Indigenous Arts in Canada

Disparate Postcolonial Access to Healthcare among Canada’s Indigenous Peoples

Sexual Health Disparities in the Indigenous Population of Northern Canada

GRSJ224/Colonial Impact On Indigenous Healthcare and Substance Abuse

Post-Colonial History of Indigenous Women in Canada

Violence against Indigenous Women in Canada


The Globalization of Diasporic Asian Youth Culture: A Study of Music

Challenges in health care among Asian Immigrants in the United States

Employment Discrimination Against Skilled Immigrants in Canada

Immigration pattern in COVID 19 pandemic in the United States

Intersectionality of Immigration and Gender Identity in Canada

Immigration of Asian North Americans and Settler Colonialism


The inequalities that Canadian female employees facing in health care occupations

Discrimination and Racial Disparities Faced By African American Patients By Healthcare Providers in US [1] Health disparities between the Natives and non-Natives in Canada and the COVID-19

Racism and Persecution against Uyghur Muslims in China

GRSJ224/The Effects of Transgender Discrimination in Health Care Settings

Discrimination against Asian People as a result of COVID-19 in Canada

Racism under the COVID-19 Pandemic

GRSJ224/Police Unions: Shielding Police Misconduct, Brutality & Discrimination Against Minorities

Discrimination of South Asians During COVID-19

Exploring the intersection of disability and queerness [2]

How Discrimination towards Asian Skilled Immigrants under Canadian Workplace Affect Parenting behaviours

Mistreatment of Comfort Women Under Japanese Imperial Army Rule

Disproportionately High Rates of Maternal Complications and Mortality Among Black Women in the United States

Femicide in Latin America

Gross Over-Representation of First Nations Black Canadian Men in Canadian Prisons

Racialization of Fox Eye Trend

Saving Face: Discrimination Towards the Black Community in the Cosmetic Industry

Indigenous Student's Right to Education

Issues Faced By LGBTQ+ Youth in India

Violence against Indigenous Women in Canada


Cultural Analysis of Traditional and Contemporary Mexican Masculine Roles

Hyper-Masculinity in Advertisement: Effects on Mental Health

GRSJ224/hazingandmasculinity Hazing and Masculinity

GRSJ224/Masculinities in One-Armed Swordsman (1967)

Masculinity Representation of Asian Men in Hollywood Comedy Since 2000s


The Problems with the Medicalization of Depression in Developed Countries

Medicalization of Menopause

Legalization of Medical Marijuana in Canada


Racial and Ethnic Differences in Modern Medicine

The Right to Die Movement

Medicalization of Eco-Anxiety in Youth

LGBT Families

Family Acceptance and Definitions of Family in LGBT Communities

Transgender Parents


Disparities in Abortion Access in Canada

Pro-natalist policies in South Korea

Reproductive Coercion Inflicted on Women

The Reproductive Healthcare Disparities among HIV Positive Women in sub- Saharan Africa

#ShoutYourAbortion: An End to Abortion Stigma

Discrimination and Challenges during Pregnancy


Discrimination and unequal treatment on female in workplaces in Canada

Graphic Medicine and Autopathography

Breast Reconstruction Practices Among LGBTQ Women

WISH Learning Centre

The Gender Wage Gap in Engineering in Canada

The Effect of Stereotypes on Female Exit Rates in Computer Science Within the United States

The Influence of French Feminism on Contemporary Feminist Literary Criticism

GRSJ224/The Rescue Home and the Bawdy House

Endometriosis and Feminism

Media's Influence on Sexualisation In North America

Representation in the Disney Renaissance

Female foeticide and infanticide in India

The Policing of Women's Bodies

Impact of Media on Gender Inequality in Sports

Eugenic Feminism in Canada

Femicide rates and awareness in Latin America vs. Canada


Rituals: Kayan Brass Coils in Mae Hong Son, Thailand


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