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Helpful Tips For Co-op Students Going to Leipzig

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It is recommended that power of attorney is made in your Canadian bank account. This simplify things as some issues may arise when you are overseas.


The AMS insurance for UBC students, do cover international studies (in Germany). It is required to notify the AMS insurance company that one will be completing a work term overseas. They can extend the coverage for the whole duration of the co-op work terms.


There is a website where you can search for a shared flat; The website has English version as well. Most Germans are also available to speak English so you can contact them by email, otherwise Google Translate is your best friend.


For Canadian students, we are fortunate to have a visa called Youth Mobility Visa. It extends for one year and it allows us to study or work in Germany for the duration of the validity of Visa. It is simple to get and can be completed in Vancouver before your arrival to Germany.


There is a site called Mitfahrgelegenheit, It is basically a car pool site where you sign up for. (It even offers trips outside of Germany.)

There is also a site called SkyScanner,, which sometimes offer cheap flight. There are also Europa-Special price for trains that offer huge discounts in train ticket. You just have to book it little bit earlier and sometimes there are limited seats and destinations.

Regarding phone, it is highly recommended that one brings an UNLOCKED phone so one can use it in Germany. The great thing about Europe is that everywhere you go, you can buy a cheap pre-paid SIM card that you insert into your Canadian phone. Most of times, the phone will be locked to only Canadian telephone provider, which will prevents you from using other providers.

BIKE is a huge thing in Germany, more than Vancouver. It is basically your mode of transportation wherever you go. It is highly recommended that if you arrive in Spring/Summer, you should invest in a bicycle.