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Helpful Tips For Co-op Students Going to Vienna

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Purpose: This document was created to help you prepare the necessary documents and information BEFORE your departure to Vienna using Intern Researcher in Medical University of Vienna (MUW) as an example. This page also introduces some aspects of lifestyle in Vienna and Europe to make your transition easier.

VISA / Residence Permit

You must obtain an VISA or Residence Permit either before leaving Canada or after arriving Austria in order to work. The type of document you need depends on the lengths of your stay.

  • If you are staying for more than 180 days (6 months), a Temporary Residence Permit(Aufenthaltsbewilligung) must be obtained AFTER entry into Austria. Note that no entry VISA is required for anyone holding a Canadian passport, but you need to prepare all the documents required for the application before departure.
  • Here is an unofficial list of documents required:

    • Application form: Aufenthaltsbewilligung Forscher. can be found here:
    • Copy of Canadian Passport and 2 Passport photo
    • Birth Certificate, need to be notarized by Austrian Embassy in Ottawa
    • University Contract, will be issued by University
    • Work contract from the hospital and Dr. Woltz (Offer letter)
    • Criminal record clearance forms within the past 2-3 months from the Vancouver Police Department
    • Residence forms (given to you after moving into your apartment)
    • And 160 euros.

    For an updated list of documents and procedure required in application of the Residence Permit, please consult the official Austrian Embassy Website at:

    Note: You may need help from your co-worker/supervisor to fill out the forms in German.

    (Visa D)You may want to have at least 1000 euro with you when you arrive, as you can't get paid until your visa application is complete and the hospital paper work is filed, which can take 1.5 months.


Salary from the MUW is paid monthly via direct bank deposit. It is suggested to bring (at least) enough money the first month.

  • (Suggested: €500 ~ 1000 for living/transportation/traveling expenses.)

You will need to open an Austrian bank account upon arrival. There are 2 options:

  • Erste Bank: they provide a free student account if you can provide verifiable documentation: eg. ISIC (international student identification card, can applied from AMS) card
  • Bank of Austria: they may charge monthly fees for an account

Ensure that you are provided with the following bank numbers for fund tranferring1:

  • IBAN (International Banking Account Number)
  • SWIFT code
  • Branch number for your bank
  • Account number

1It may also be useful to get the equivalent information from you Canadian Bank before leaving

Health Insurance

    Your health insurance is mandatory and covered by the state (cost is deducted from your income as social welfare). An "eCard" will be issued, which is very similar to the BC CareCard and can be used in such fashion.


Vienna State Opera House
  • Vienna is very pedestrian and biker friendly and you can quickly walk to the city centre within 15 minutes from MUW.
  • Public transportation (U-bahn, Tram, bus) costs €1.80 per trip and you can make as many transfer as you like to reach your destination. Alternatively, a weekly pass of €14 can be purchased and is valid from Monday of that week until Sunday night.


  • If you hold a Canadian Passport, you are free to enter/leave most of the EU countries.
  • Travelling by train is usually the easiest method to get to neighbouring countries. You may wish to purchase a VORTEILS Card from OBB (the Austrian Federal Railway Corpration) which offers discounts on most ticket prices. Link:

Additional Advice

  • Avoid arriving on a Sunday. Almost all stores are closed, except for restaurants and cafés.
  • Be friendly and positive, as you maybe represent UBC Students, Vancouver, and Canada!