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UBC Science Co-op
Working Abroad Resource Wiki
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All UBC students working abroad must

log into UBC Safety Abroad Travel Registry

For Inquires, Contact:
Email: jobs@sciencecoop.ubc.ca
Phone: 604-822-9677
Website: http://www.sciencecoop.ubc.ca
Directory of Resources
Science Co-op Wiki Home

Welcome to UBC Science Co-op Wiki!

The purpose of this page is to allow current Co-op students to share resources on their international experience. Many detailed info such as accommodation, insurance, finances, and travel tips may not be available from the Co-op office. This is the place to share all your knowledge and advice to help other students going to the same destination as you have.

The goal here is to have a compilation of advice, experience, and helpful tips as a resource that's easily accessible for all Science Co-op students.

Follow the instructions below and create additional pages of your own by country and city. Thank you in advance for contributing to this page and sharing your expertise with other students.

How To Create A Page

STEP 1: Create a new documentation page. Add the title to 'Documentation:Science Co-op/Country - City' then click on 'Create Science Co-op Page' button above.

STEP 2: A new screen pops up. Now start writing after each specified headings.

STEP 3: Once you have completed writing, click on 'Save Page'. Your documentation page is now viewable for all people using wiki! Thank you for your contribution!

Create a new Science Co-op Page

Some of the pages you might want to check out for help in creating your own page:

Help:Adding Media/Images and Pictures
Help:Moving a page
Help:Uploading Files