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Open Resources

Remember: Just because something is online, doesn’t mean you can use it! You have to find items that have open licenses before you can upload them to the wiki.

Finding Open Images

Finding Open Education Resources

Getting Help with Your Research

To get help with your research, contact the library by phone, email, in-person, or through our virtual chat service AskAway.

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Sharing Your Work

All wiki project pages have a template on them that allows you to add your name to the resource and indicate if you'd like to share your work via a Creative Commons license. If you would like add a name for who or what project created the resource, add that info after the names parameters. If left blank, it will default to Course:FRST270. If you would like your resource to be reused, add a yes to the share parameter. This will add a Creative Commons license to the resource. If left black or no, no statement about licensing will be added to the project box.

{{Projectbox FRST522

Seekiefer (Pinus halepensis) 9months-fromtop.jpg
This conservation resource was created by Will. It has been viewed over 14 times. It is shared under a CC-BY 4.0 International License.

Using no or negative parameters

{{Projectbox FRST522
Seekiefer (Pinus halepensis) 9months-fromtop.jpg
This conservation resource was created by Course:FRST522. It has been viewed over 14 times.


  • will.engle at