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This page includes instructions, help files, advice, and helpful links for the CTLT Resource Room Coordinator. It was created to ensure continuity and institutional memory. Keeping it up to date and contributing relevant materials will ease future transitions.

Job Description

General Information

Overview of the resource room. This page is intended audience CTLT staff and the UBC teaching community as well as the RR Coordinator. The information on the about page feeds directly into the CTLT website, so any changes made here will be reflected on the Resource Room page of the CTLT website.

CTLT Resource Room Documentation and Help Pages

Instructions on how to catalog new acquisitions in the CTLT Resource Room RefWorks Database.

Information on the CTLT Resource Room Twitter,, and Google Reader accounts.

Information on UBC group online subscriptions to three Manga Publications newsletters (The Teaching Professor, Online Classroom, and Distance Education Report)

Information about the CTLT Resource Room Web-based Request Forms.

Instructions on how to order new materials for the resource room. Note: orders are quarterly.

Documentation of 2011 Inventory

Other Useful CTLT Documentation and Help Pages

Instructions on adding CTLT public calendars to personal information management software (Entourage and Microsoft Office).

How to book resources (rooms, laptops, projectors, etc. using the shared calendar.

The CTLT Writing Style Guide standardizes the formatting of documentation produced CTLT. Examples of documentation formatting include punctuation use, proper abbreviations, and capitalization of nouns.

Useful Links


Social Media




Other Things You Need as RR Coordinator

This is a list of things you need, but that are not available on this wiki and/or online. Ask for these if they are not given to you!

  • Your official job description
  • CTLT Student Orientation Manual (This can be downloaded from the CTLT Intranet, but you will need the password)
  • List of Usernames and Passwords
  • PIN and Voucher for Online Subscriptions
  • CTLT Staff Contact List
  • your CTLT Website Profile (see website profiles here]
  • Voicemail Box
  • Business cards with name stickers

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