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How to copy-catalog new books into the CTLT RefWorks database

1. Access the WorldCat database via the UBC library website:

  • go to the UBC library website [1]
  • click on e-Resources
  • on the dropdown, click on “Indexes and Databases”
  • find the database WorldCat
  • click on the link “Connect via the Web”

2. You will automatically be taken to WorldCat Advanced Search

  • click on “basic search”
  • enter the information for the book. Author and title usually suffice.
  • click search
  • Your search results
  • if there are no search results, check your spelling
  • if there are still no search results, try just the title or just the author
  • if there are multiple entries for your book, compare them to see which one has the most information. Be careful! Some entries will be for other editions.

3. When you have selected the best entry from your search results

  • double check that it is the same book you have (the number of pages is a quick way to double check. Also check that it is the same edition.)
  • while looking at the entry, you will have the option of exporting it (grey button between “Print” and “Help”)

4. Direct Export

  • select RefWorks from the “Export to” options
  • click export

5. a new RefWorks window will open

  • login
  • after you have logged in, click on the “View Last Imported Folder” button
  • you will see your imported entry

6. Putting the imported entry in folders for our database

  • click on the dropdown list “Put in Folder…”
  • if the resource is a book that will live in the RR, select the folders “Books” and “Resource Room,” as well as any topically relevant folders
  • if the resource is anything other kind of resource that will live in the RR, select the folder “Resource Room” as we as well as any topically relevant folders (a pop up will ask you if you are sure; click “ok”)
  • the newly selected folders will appear on the top right-hand side of the entry beside the folder icon. The entry will also automatically be in the folder “Last Imported.” When you import more entries, it will automatically lose that categorization.
  • next to the folders, you have the options to view or to edit the entry…

7. Edit the entry

  • look over the entry for any obvious mistakes or inconsistencies and correct them
  • edit the descriptors. The CTLT Resource Room RefWorks Database uses ERIC Descriptors. Open a new tab or window to display the ERIC Thesaurus. [2]. Tag the entry with descriptors from the thesaurus.

8. Save it!


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