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About the LEARNatCTLT Twitter Account

This account began as LEARNatTAG. It was started by Yael Harlap of the Centre for Teaching and Academic Growth (TAG) to reach out to the community. She shared the password with everyone in the former TAG unit. Soon she and Lydia Jones were sharing the responsibility of updating it. Lydia set up automatic feeds to send articles of interest to the then-TAG community and events from the events calendar to the page. TAG merged with OLT, and the account was rebranded LEARNatCTLT. The password was sent around the new CTLT unit. After sufficient LEARNatCTLT tweets were accumulated, the LEARNatTAG tweets were deleted, and the account in its current form (as of 18 Feb 2011) was born.


  • All CTLT staff has been sent an email with the password.
  • CTLT staff use the account to promote events or live-tweet events.
  • The Resource Room Coordinator maintains the automatic delivery of feeds, ensuring that the account remains active.

Feeds Currently Delivered to Twitter

Four RSS feeds are automatically delivered to the LEARNatCTLT Twitter account and published:

  1. a feed of news items tagged with the descriptor “feed” in the CTLT Google Reader (these have the prefix “News Item”)
  2. a feed of news items tagged with the descriptor “ubclearn” in the CTLT Google Reader,
  3. a feed of CTLT events posted to the UBC Events Calendar (These have the prefix “CTLT Event”)
  4. a feed of new entries into the CTLT RefWorks Database (These have the prefix “New Citation”)

Additional sources can easily be added as needed.

Google Reader

  • The Resource Room Google Reader account subscribes to 100s of higher ed and teaching and learning news sources.
  • The Resource Room Coordinator tags items that are of interest for the UBC teaching community.
    • The tags are partially in keeping with the ERIC Thesaurus (these are capitalized), and partially uncontrolled vocabulary (these are lowercase).
  • Items tagged with "ubclearn" or "feed" are automatically posted to the LEARNatCTLT twitter account (see above).
  • Many of the tags are public RSS feeds (see settings -> sharing).

Delivery Service

  • is a third party service that delivers content to the social web. It also keeps statistics of your traffic (stats tab).
  • The Resource Room currently uses to deliver content from several feeds to the LEARNatCTLT Twitter account.

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