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The CTLT Resource Room orders new materials 2-3 times a year (typically in June, October, and February), and the CTLT Resource Room Coordinator (RRC) is responsible for, in consultation with the supervisor, for the order. He or she should take the following steps when compiling the draft:

  1. Compile a list of the books that have been recommended by staff and others.
  2. Send out a request for any other suggestions. Publicize order deadlines via appropriate channels (email and Twitter, for example) and actively solicit requests submitted via the online form)
  3. Compile a list of all the suggestions with prices and a total price for the entire list.
  4. Ask the FPD Manager to review the list and decide on amount available to spend from budget. Revise the list as needed.
  5. Ask the TLPD Manager to review the list for approval.
  6. Submit order to the Department Secretary. The Secretary places the order to the UBC Bookstore (or other bookstore, such as, for books that cannot be purchased through the UBC Bookstore).
  7. Make sure that copies of the invoices go to FPD Manager & to TLPD Manager.
  8. Enter new books into Refworks (Enter each material in the folders: "Books" and "New Books in the RR - [Month Year]").
  9. Put the "CTLT Resource Room" stamp on the first and last page of the book.
  10. Let people know about the new books through different channels, such as CTLT staff email list, CTLT website and newsletter.

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