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The Human Cost of Everyday Things:
Occupational Health in the Global Supply Chain
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Course Info
Instructor: Hugh W Davies
Class Time: T/Th 1300-1420
Classroom: Swing 409
Office Hours: M-F 0800-0830
(60A 2206 East Mall (V6T1Z3)
Course Syllabus: Add Link to Course Syllabus Here (?)
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Essay 2
Essay 3

SPPH381B Participatory Essay #3

Objective, process

Each student will produce a short essay on one of the 5 following topics from the introductory portion of the course. Worth 5% of course mark.

It’ll be first come for topic selection, first served! Two students per topic.

Final version will be put up on wiki. We’ll do in stages:

  1. Student produces a first draft. Around 1200 words (2 pages single spaced). Start with the material we covered in class, put into your own words. You can expand by adding your own examples, or adding other relevant information you can find from reading, and your own research. It’ll have to be succinct, and should cover the all the main points covered (due March 31st; 2.5%)
  2. Instructor will review and make suggestions for a second draft. Second draft changes submitted to instructor (April 6th; 1%)
  3. 2nd draft will be loaded onto wiki. Other class members can then contribute to the page to earn up to additional (April 13th; 1.5%)

Essay Titles:

  1. Using the 'controls hierarchy' effectively
  2. Ensuring Personal Protective Equipment works; the Respirator example
  3. Administrative Controls; the PTSD example
  4. Hazards and controls in the Shipbreaking Industry of Bangladesh and Pakistan
  5. Hazards and controls in the "E-waste" business


  • Be sure to cite the work of other’s properly; see UBC library “How to Cite” page

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