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Introduction to Soil Science
SOIL 200 teaching team for 2017W2.
Course Info
Instructor: Dr. Sandra Brown
Office: MCML 229
Sandra's Office Hour: Wed 10-11 am
Classroom: Forest Sciences Centre 1005
Lab: MCML 102A
TAs: TA Info
' PASS Info
Syllabus: | Syllabus
Course Material
Lecture Notes Lab Manual
Problem Sets Exams
Lab Assign. My Grades
Bonus Assign.
Course Discussion

Midterm Exams

Type of questions that might appear on the APBI 200 midterm exams include:

  • All questions from Quizzes in SoilWeb200 -
  • All questions from the practice exam sessions [see]
  • All questions from problem sets
  • Almost all questions from the lab assignments, with exception of questions that were related to calculations of your own measurements done in the lab
  • The last topic to be included in the midterm no.1 is "Heat transfer through soil and thermal properties" (ie what was covered on Jan 28). Material covered in lab #4 (Parent material) will NOT be included in the midterm exam no.1.

    Here are 2 examples of APBI200 midterms --- [1] and [2]

Final Exam

The final exam will focus on material in the 2nd half of the course; however, since the course material builds from an understanding of concepts covered during the 1st half of the course, the material covered earlier in the term cannot be ignored when studying for the final exam.
Type of questions that might appear on the APBI 200 final exam include: