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Introduction to Soil Science
APBI 200 teaching team (2020)
Course Info
Instructors: Dr. Maja Krzic; Dr. Sandra Brown
Office: MCML 227 (Maja); MCML 229 (Sandra)
Instructors' Office Hr: Wed 12-1 pm
Classroom: MCML 166
Lab: MCML 102A
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Syllabus: | Syllabus
Course Material
Lecture Notes Lab Manual
Problem Sets Exams
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Course Discussion
  • Please note that NO formula sheets or cheat sheets are allowed at the APBI 200 midterm & final exams.
  • Need tips on how to study for an university exam? Please review this paper - Test Tips

Midterm Exams

Type of questions that might appear on the APBI 200 midterm exams include:

  • All questions from Quizzes in SoilWeb200 -
  • All questions from Practice exam sessions
  • All questions from problem sets
  • Almost all questions from the lab assignments, with exception of questions that were related to calculations of your own measurements done in the lab
  • The last topic to be included in the midterm no.1 is Soil Water (4) Terms (ie what was covered on Feb 3).

    Here are 2 examples of APBI200 midterms --- Midterm 1example and Midterm 2 example

Practice exam sessions:

Questions for practice exam session are posted here. Posters from our in-class sessions will be posted in the McMl in the hallway near Maja's and Sandra's offices.

Final Exam

The final exam in 2020 will have a similar format to midterm #2, and will be administered online via Canvas.

Since the course material builds from an understanding of concepts covered during the 1st half of the course, the material covered earlier in the term cannot be ignored when studying for the final exam. However, there will be an emphasis on material after midterm #2 (i.e., soil organisms, nutrient cycles and soil classification)

The style of questions will include short answer, data interpretation, multiple choice, multiple answer and fill-in-the-blank.

In addition to studying your lecture notes, you may see questions similar to those from:

  • the practice exam sessions
  • problem sets (especially problem sets no.2 and no.3)
  • lab assignments (with exception of questions that were related to calculations of your own measurements done in the lab)

The exam length will be 1 hour 20 minutes (i.e., shorter than normal).


The date and time of our final exam will NOT change from its originally scheduled time slot on April 29, 2020 at 8:30am.
As per the Faculty of Land and Food Systems Memorandum on Final Exams (March 23, 2020), the course instructors have specifically been instructed by our Associate Dean Academic “to administer the final exam at the scheduled time slot to avoid hardship and schedule conflict”.

Revised grading

Given the current circumstances around COVID-19 and moving courses and exams online, we are reducing the value of the final exam from 40 points to 30 points, giving a total of 90 possible points for the course:

  • Midterms 25 points
  • Lab assignments 25 points
  • Problem sets 10 points
  • Final exam 30 points

By reducing the value of the final exam, the proportions of the 4 components contributing to the final mark will be as follows:

  • Midterms 28% (originally 25%)
  • Lab assignments 28% (originally 25%)
  • Problem sets 11% (originally 10%)
  • Final exam 33% (originally 40%)