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Introduction to Soil Science
APBI 200 teaching team (2020)
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Instructors: Dr. Maja Krzic; Dr. Sandra Brown
Office: MCML 227 (Maja); MCML 229 (Sandra)
Instructors' Office Hr: Wed 12-1 pm
Classroom: MCML 166
Lab: MCML 102A
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March 13, 2020: Please note that ALL office hours have been suspended as the university transitions to fully online classes for the remainder of term.

Here is the list of office hours of APBI 200 Teaching Assistants (TAs) during the term 2 of 2020 - that was relevant before the transition to online classes:

TA E-mail Office Office Hours Bio
Teresa Porter MCML 102A Fri 9 - 10 am Teresa's Bio
Kiran Padda MCML 102A Mon 12 - 1 pm Kiran's Bio
Bryan Driscoll MCML 102A Thur 12 - 1 pm Bryan's Bio
Akshit Puri MCML 102A Mon 12 - 1 pm Akshit's Bio
Alex Kramer MCML 102A Mon 9 - 10 am Alex's Bio
Amy Norgaard MCML 102A Fri 12 - 1 pm Amy's Bio
Trish Hansuzak MCML 102A Tue 12 - 1 pm Trish's Bio