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Introduction to Soil Science
SOIL 200 teaching team for 2017W2.
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Instructor: Dr. Sandra Brown
Office: MCML 229
Sandra's Office Hour: Wed 10-11 am
Classroom: Forest Sciences Centre 1005
Lab: MCML 102A
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Syllabus: | Syllabus
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At this page you can find information to help you with APBI 200 labs & lab assignments.

General Tips for APBI200 Labs

  • Always bring lab manual to the lab
  • Read info about the upcoming lab before coming to the lab.
  • All lab assignments are to be submitted as hard copies (in drop in boxes outside of the MCML102 lab).
  • Lab assignments are due by 5pm a week after your lab (e.g., if you have a lab on Tuesday, your assignments is due following Tuesday by 5 pm)
  • You will need to bring your lab coats

APBI200 lab sections and lab instructors:

Day Time Lab Instructor
Monday 1 - 3 pm Sandra Brown
Monday 3 - 5 pm Kiran Preet
Tuesday 8 - 10 am Alex Kramer
Tuesday 10 am - noon Akshit Puri
Tuesday 1 - 3 pm Dixi Modi
Tuesday 3 - 5 pm Teresa Porter
Wednesday 9 - 11 am Chantel Chizen
Wednesday 1 - 3 pm Lewis Fausak
Wednesday 3 - 5 pm Carson Li

Conversion help and hints
Attached document is intended to provide help with conversions and it will be useful throughout the course.
Unit conversion help

Lab 1 Assignment

Lab 1 is a field trip - cancelled in 2019. You should however read the section in your lab manual for this lab as it provides information on soil formation factors.
No lab assignment to hand in this week.

Lab 2 Assignment

Lab assignment #2

Reminder for the lab assignment:
All lab assignments are to be submitted as hard copies (in drop in boxes outside of the MCML102 lab).
Lab assignments are due by 5pm a week after your lab (e.g., if you have a lab on Tuesday, your assignments is due the following Tuesday by 5 pm)

Pls attach the following to your lab #2 assignment:
•Your hydrometer data sheet with sample calculations written out for at least one line in the data collection table (ie one time of measurement).

•The particle-size distribution curve. Don’t forget to include a title and axes labels. Indicate the % sand, silt and clay and the soil textural class.

•The table regarding the soil texture of two “mystery” samples (determined by hand-texturing). Include a brief justification of your answer.

•Calculation for sample used for demonstration of bulk density determination by core method.

Semi log paper (needed to draw the particle-size distribution curve) can be found in the attached pdf file. Bonus mark if you plot the data in Excel (but pls remember to use semi-log scale). Semi-log graph paper

Lab 3 Assignment

Lab assignment #3
Pls read the manual. Introduction for each lab includes all the information needed to answer lab assignment questions.

Required attachments for lab assignment:
•Your data collection sheet with calculations written out for both samples parameters (lines a through k), and for the first 2 tension values. Be sure to include units when you enter your data and to keep track of units when making your calculations.

•The water retention curves for medium and fine sand samples indicating air entry value (AEV) and air intrusion value (AIV). Use your data that you collected in the lab and also data provided in the appendix A (on p.91) of the lab manual.

Lab 4 Assignment

Lab assignment #4

Useful collection of videos showing different types of parent material in their typical landscape settings can be found at
Another useful website where you can observe various parent materials is UBC Soil Monolith collection

Lab 5 Assignment

Lab assignment #5
Please note that some tips re. unit conversion can be found in the attached [file]

The data set for soil organic matter calculation is available at SOM google spreadsheet

The data for soil water content calculation is available at Soil-water google spreadsheet

Lab 6 Assignment

Note: No Quest-to-go in 2019 (further information will be provided in-lab) - Meet in the regular location McMl 102A

Lab assignment #6

Lab 7 Assignment

Lab assignment #7

Bonus mark - vote on the colour to paint Sandra's office Vote here

To learn key characteristics of 10 soil orders in the Canadian soil classification system, it might be helpful to view video clips posted at the website entitled Canadian Soil Orders ( )

Lab 8 Assignment

Lab assignment #8

For this lab, we will meet at the UBC Farm, located at 3461 Ross Drive. To get to the UBC Farm please check the directions provided at the Farm’s website at We will meet at the Farm Centre and to reach it, please go through the Farm gate, turn right, and follow the gravel road until you reach a red roofed building (the Farm Centre) located beside a small glass greenhouse. Activities planned for this lab will take you about you 1 h to complete, which leaves enough time to arrive to and from UBC Farm within allotted 2-h time slot.