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Practice Midterm Question007:02, 2 February 2019
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Practice Midterm Question

How do you calculate water content of soil at saturation? such as in the midterm 1 example:

A moist soil sample is collected in the field. The mass of the moist soil sample is 1,250 g and it has a volume of 740 cm3. After oven drying, the sample mass is 885 g. Answer the following questions showing formulas used, the full calculation, and units. a) What is the bulk density of this sample in g/cm3? b) What is the mass of water (Mw) and the volume of water (Vw) in this sample? c) What is the water content (θ) of this soil? d) What would be the water content (θ) of this soil at saturation?

KristiEllerbroek (talk)07:02, 2 February 2019

Practice midterm question

On the first practice midterm, part c of question 5 asks "what kinds of materials contribute to aggregate stabilization?" what does it mean by aggregate stabilization? is it talking about the net negative charge?

AniqueVadnais (talk)02:41, 2 March 2017