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This is my talk page, feel free to add a topic to discuss anything you like or to reply to a topic that already exists to contribute.

-- David Kohler


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An error on math 104 2011 final202:21, 8 December 2012
Uploading New Exams118:51, 5 April 2012
Same Time Edit201:33, 27 March 2012
New Number Format120:53, 21 March 2012
Wolfram|Alpha Widgets022:58, 17 January 2011
Thoughts and Queries122:18, 31 December 2010
Wiki Admin Discussion418:43, 28 December 2010

An error on math 104 2011 final

Well, there is an error on math 104/184 2011 final. Part A question e. The absolute maximum and minimum are sqrt(2) and -sqrt(2) separately. But i haven't figured out how to edit it

XifengJu (talk)07:11, 5 December 2012

If you login, you are allowed to edit pages. My first suggestion would be to flag this page as QBS (Quality Bad Solution). Add something on the discussion page of that question and if you can, edit the solution (just click edit next to the solution title, again, you must be logged in).

Let me know if that makes sense.

David Kohler (talk)00:49, 8 December 2012

Do you mean question 1e ? If so, how can root 2 (plus or minus) be the max??? Both clearly are x-intercepts... And if you are talking about the y-value of the maximum, then, it doesn't make sense either since at those, the value is 1 (for max) and -1 for min.

So, really not sure where there is a mistake... I also looked at question 2 e and cannot see any mistake there either.

David Kohler (talk)02:21, 8 December 2012

Uploading New Exams

Hey David,

How to we upload more questions from other years of exams? I wanted to do all the MATH 101 exams (so the April 2007 and April 2006 exams as well as what's up there) but I can't get to that page where we just clicked on a box to create new pages. Have we gotten rid of it? If yes how do we add pages now?


EDIT - I think I've found it... That was harder than anticipated...

CarmenBruni05:28, 4 April 2012

Is alright? How do you suggest making it easier to find and use?

David Kohler18:51, 5 April 2012

Same Time Edit

Just had my first instance of editing the same question as you, Math 101 question 1 (m) or something. I was wondering what would happen when two people were making simultaneous changes, it just shows up side by side between what you did and the other person did. We also both flagged it as good at the same time.

IainMoyles01:18, 27 March 2012

Interesting. Usually one of the editor gets blocked off and cannot edit... how did you notice? Did you get any message or info from the wiki?

David Kohler01:21, 27 March 2012

Well I got to a screen where it asked me to compare the "double changes" which I was a little confused at so I looked at the history and saw that you were editing at the same time as me.

IainMoyles01:33, 27 March 2012

New Number Format

Hey David,

I just saw that you changed the formatting for numbered questions to have a leading zero so that they actually appear in order for Math152. Thanks a lot for this, I had considered a leading zero option but wasn't sure how to implement it without remaking pages.


IainMoyles20:40, 21 March 2012

No worries! Let me know if there are others to change.

David Kohler20:53, 21 March 2012

Wolfram|Alpha Widgets

Hi David,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that we installed the Wolfram|Alpha widget extension today. We have a pretty basic help page at Help:Widgets/WolframAlpha.


-Will, WikiAdministrator22:58, 17 January 2011

Thoughts and Queries

Two things have popped up in my mind: 1) How do I set up a watch on a page? 2) I liked the idea of each group creating a group page for themselves as part of the first project. I don't know what such a page should include though. Any ideas? Other than that, I seem to be on a roll today. Let the educational juices flow!

CameronChristou19:33, 31 December 2010

You can watch any page by clicking on the watch me button (which is now a star next to the edit and history buttons). Then you can see what happened to those pages when clicking on your watchlist page.

As for the groups, it would be good for them to add a little blurb about themselves, at least some contact information. They could add a list of special interests or competences that they have.

David Kohler22:18, 31 December 2010

Wiki Admin Discussion

Hi David, thanks for your note regarding the session duration for the Wiki. The default CWL session duration time is 15 minutes, which is done because of the risk of people using public machines on campus and forgetting to log out of their accounts. We've upped the session duration to 1 hour for the wiki. To extend it longer than that will require some more in-depth policy conversations and planning on our end. It is something I would like to look into, but it will might be a while before a longer change is implemented. I hope this helps - please let me know if I can answer any questions or provide further info.


Will - WikiAdministrator 20:22, 16 September 2010 (UTC)

WikiAdministrator18:37, 28 December 2010

Many thanks for clearing things up for me Will, I'll let you know if I have further questions!

-DavidKohler 03:55, 20 September 2010 (UTC)

David Kohler18:39, 28 December 2010

Hi David, thanks for the note about the broken link - this is a bit of an odd one. It looks like you had written the following syntax for the link: [[Course:MATH110/003/Homework | homework]]. For some reason, in the link, it looks like the wiki software was reading the space after the word "Homework" and before vertical slash mark as an extra character. This character didn't exist in the name of the page, so it thought the link was to a different page. I deleted the space and the link appears to be working. Normally, the wiki software ignores spaces at the ends of links, so I'm not entirely sure what is causing this behaviour. Thanks for bringing this to my attention - I will spend some time trying to replicate the problem to see what is actually happening. In the meantime, please let me know if that solves the problem for now, or if I was addressing the wrong link.


Will - WikiAdministrator 14:54, 1 October 2010 (UTC)

18:40, 28 December 2010

Hi David, thanks for your questions. I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I am out of the office but that I'll respond in-depth to your questions in the next couple of days. The quick answer to the first question is that there is no easy way to provide rights for you to delete pages. Page deletions is something that the MediaWiki platform makes into a bit of a difficult task and only users with a super admin rights (which extend across all of the UBC Wiki) can actually delete anything. You can add the script {{delete}} to a page and, as long as no one contests the deletion, the page will be deleted in about a month. If you need pages to be deleted quicker than that, you can let me know or you can send an email to and we can take care of it for you.

As far as the DPL question, it seems like it should be possible but I'll have to take a closer look to see how to do it. I'll follow up with you in a day or two.


Will - WikiAdministrator 22:04, 18 October 2010 (UTC)

Hi David,

Here's what I came up with regarding creating a list of top level subpages via dpl:


which generates this list:

Please let me know if this is the functionality for which you were looking. I know that you have some familiarity with dpl but please also let me know if I can explain this a bit more.


Will - WikiAdministrator 20:13, 20 October 2010 (UTC)

18:41, 28 December 2010

Hi Will, this is great! It's exactly what I wanted. Those are the name commands I couldn't find and I didn't know the use of the $ symbol, many thanks! -- DavidKohler 20:20, 20 October 2010 (UTC)

David Kohler18:43, 28 December 2010