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Team # Team Members Project Area(s)
Number Names Anthropogenic Impacts on Sperm Whales: Implications for Conservations
Number Names BC's Climate Action Plan
Number Names BC Forest Practice Act
Number Names Canadian mining in Latin America: A review of ecological, social and economic outcomes
Number Names Climate Change Impact on Great White Sharks: Conservation Implications
Number Names Community Forestry in BC: a Review of its Status, Impacts, and Prospects
Number Names Complexities and Tradeoffs of Smallholder versus Large Commercial Oil Palm Plantations in Indonesian Borneo
Number Names Conservation in the Social Media
Number Names Ecological, social and economic outcomes of ecosystem-based management in the Great Bear Rainforest
Number Names Ecological Benefits and Costs of China's Green Great Wall
Number Names Ecological Benefits and Costs of China’s Green Great Wall
Number Names Ecological benefits and costs of China’s Green Great Wall
Number Names Environmental, social and economic impacts of a global shift to vegetarianism: Can it save the world?
Number Names Environmental Implications of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)
Number Names Group
Number Names Impacts of Cattle Ranching in the Interior of BC on Prairie Restoration Goals
Number Names Impacts of Recreation on Conservation Efforts for Grizzly Bear Populations in BC
Number Names Impacts of eco-tourism on the Galapagos Islands
Number Names Implications of Single Use Styrofoam
Number Names Implications of Trans-Mountain Pipeline Expansion for the Conservation of Southern Resident Killer Whales
Number Names Is hydropower really green? Socio-environmental benefits and downsides of hydropower expansion in the Amazon basin.
Number Names Kruger National Park (Group 15)
Number Names Links between climate change and insect outbreaks in BC: Past trends and future outlook
Number Names Mangroves in the Asia-Pacific region
Number Names Marine Protected Areas in the Philippines
Number Names Paul CONS 200
Number Names Social, ecological and economic outcomes of forest practices and operations of First Nations in BC.
Number Names Socio-ecological costs and benefits of the Site-C dam
Number Names Socio-ecological impacts of banana farming in Peru
Number Names Socio-ecological impacts of community-based marine conservation in the Philippines.
Number Names Socio-ecological impacts of community forestry in Mexico
Number Names Socio-economic implications of the decline of the western-honey bees
Number Names Solar energy Group 31
Number Names Southern White Rhino brought back from extinction
Number Names Support and opposition to the TransCanada Coastal Gaslink Pipeline in BC. What are the arguments for and against?
Number Names Synergies and Trade-Offs Between Western and Traditional Ecological Knowledge in Relation to Conservation Issues
Number Names Temporary Project Group 18 Page
Number Names The 25-year battle between Ecuadorian Amazonian communities and Chevron-Texaco
Number Names The Economic and Social Impacts of British Columbia Wolf Cull
Number Names The Impact of Trophy Hunting on Snow Leopards
Number Names The feasibility of using wood waste (logging slash) for bioenergy in BC
Number Names The relationship between forest harvesting methods and wildfire intensity in the dry southern interior forests of British Columbia
Number Names The story of the recovery of the Giant Panda
Number Names Upsides and downsides of environmental activism in halting or reducing deforestation in the Global South. Does environmental activism ever ‘hurt’ the cause?
Number Names What are the impacts of shrimp farming on the mangroves in South East Asia?
Number Names Wild Salmon vs. Farmed Salmon in the BC Coast
Number Names Will's CONS200 Article
Number Names BC’s investment in natural gas: Is it a global climate change mitigation tactic or a climate change cause?
Number Names alina's wikipage