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Hi everyone, Hope everyone had a great new year. The purpose of the quarterly meeting is to get together to discuss about current configuration/integration/support related to UBC Wiki.

Below is the agenda on what we will potentially talk about in the meeting. Please feel free to add anything to the agenda:

  • Time: 2020 Feb 24 1:00PM-2:00PM PST, Monday.
  • Location: USB Conference Room 1181

Agenda/Meeting Notes

  • Intros & Orientation of some current UBC Wiki projects (CONS200, GEOG352, etc).
  • Update on Glitch on user name where user's contributions get mixed up with another users (PRB0044508)
    • Solution: Patch to fix the issue to be installed around April due to its urgent nature. Then wait for long term Mediawiki cycle.
    • It takes approximately around 1 week to implement patch and no downtime https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Version_lifecycle
  • Update on UBC Wiki embed to Canvas
  • Adding more Creative Commons License in upload wizard (specifically a CC-BY-NC license). Currently, there are not many creative commons license selection available when uploading your own file/other people's file https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/UploadWizard
    • Rie to create a ticket to the LT Hub so the request can be tracked.
  • Update on being able to use CWL preferred name field (LDAP)
  • Wiki Embed on WordPress?
    • WordPress Gutenberg - Will Wiki Embed be added as a block?
    • Wiki Embed can be added as a block.
  • Scheduling regular meetings (1 per term?)
    • 1 per term is just right.
  • Other Stuff:
    • For simple feature request - it will be best to create a ticket to LT Hub so that it will be easier to track,
    • Planning a PD for LT Hub Staff to UBC Wiki may be a good idea to keep everyone track of the new feature/enhancement on UBC Wiki.
    • Migrating a self-hosted wiki course to ubc wiki.

To Dos

  • Pan and the team will work on implementing the patch to solve the issue with wiki username conflict. The worktime will approximately take around 1 week, and aiming to apply the patch in April. For mediawiki update, we will wait until the future LTS version is released in June (1.35.x (LTS) https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Version_lifecycle
  • Wiki to Canvas: Pan will be looking into workaround to solve the link issue for the Canvas iframe method. The method will require more testing.
  • Rie will create a ticket to request for adding more creative commons license to the UploadWizard.
  • Tim and Rie will arrange a LT Hub Staff PD on UBC Wiki!
  • Will, Pan, Tim to follow up with the self-hosted wiki course.