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2018 Upgrade

  • UBC Wiki upgrade has been postponed due to the issue of the username mapping issue. Pan/his team will do the development for User Mapping. The development takes approximately 3 weeks, and will be done by beginning~ mid of June. During June, we will do testing and then submit change request log. We will aim to upgrade the UBC Wiki by the end of June.

Pages to test

To Do's

On the day of the update

Module:Citation/CS1/Configuration Module:Citation/CS1/Whitelist Module:Citation/CS1/Date validation Module:Citation/CS1/Identifiers Module:Citation/CS1/Utilities Module:Citation/CS1/COinS


Timeline :Communication around update

March 29

April 10

  • Pan will get the approval for the change log.

April 10,11

  • After Pan got approval for the change log- On the production wiki, post up the notification - Notice to Wiki Users: UBC Wiki will be upgraded with "new features"on April 26. Upgrade is scheduled between 10am to Noon. During this period, UBC Wiki will be read only but still accessible. Concerns? Email lt.hub@ubc.ca (see https://wiki.stg.apps.ctlt.ubc.ca/Main_Page on how it looks ) . Talk to David for putting the pop-up on the wiki.ubc.ca
  • Put up notification on the http://www.lthub.ubc.ca site.

Early April~Mid April

  • Testing for production wiki is around Early April~ Mid April. Rie and Cindy will invite some usersfor user testing (Such as Open UBC group)
  • Wiki Embed informal communication(Rie/Richard) : Rie will draft a text on communicating about Wiki Upgrade, and how it may affect users who are using wiki embed. Richard will then, send a communication on slack, send email to cms-group and update the Blogs on CMS.
  • Faculty Members: Will can reach out faculty members who are planning to use the wiki for courses on the summer.
  • Rie will prepare documentation (how to use visual editor, new features after the update) and identify resources that needs to be updated.

May 15

  • Development of User Mapping will take approximately 3 weeks.

Mid May~June

  • Will will swap the page for the featured article with the upgrade notification page.
  • Do some testing to see if there are any other issue.

Beginning of June~ Mid June

  • Development for the User Mapping for the UBC Wiki will be done.
  • Do testing before submitting the change log.

Week of July 3

  • Monitor if there are major activity going on with the wiki http://wiki.ubc.ca/Special:RecentChanges. If there's no activity, let Pan know by Thursday 3pm (July 5) so that he can submit change log request on July 10

July 10(Tuesday)

  • Pan will submit change log request. Put up the notification banner indicating the new upgrade time.On the banner. recommend to users to remove browser cookie after the update. communicate with the community about the new upgrade time.

July 16 (Monday)

  • UBC Wiki will be upgraded.
  • Do the To-Dos on the day of the UBC Wiki update.

Solved Issues

  • issues with Wiki Book UBC Wiki namespace
  • Re-designed UBC Wiki top page
  • Issue with img src path that affect Wiki Embeded content
  • Issue with global.js
  • Issue with Visual Editor's File Upload
  • Conflict with DPL and Latex
  • The UBC logo is not showing up on the banner on the top.
  • CWL/ login username mapping issue
  • Collapsible table not working (resolved after removing MER Google Timer JavaScript )
  • Upload file not working.(getting an error saying: Could not store upload in the stash (UploadStashFileException): "Error storing file in '/tmp/phpxNPFNr': Could not create directory "mwstore://local-backend/local-temp/5/58".".)

Meeting Notes

March 19, 2018 (UBC Wiki upgrade check-in meeting)

  • Pan found a solution on Chemical formula - and may be able to apply on Latex. May be able to solve solution by the end of this week
  • David will see if there is a way you can put up the notice on the header about the UBC Wiki upgrade. If it is technically possible, we can put up the notice around the end of March ~early April. Mock up of the notification can be seen https://wiki.stg.apps.ctlt.ubc.ca/
  • Pan will draft the change log for the IT Bulletin to inform users about the upgrade. Pan will ask for a feedback.
  • Pan:Testing for production wiki is around Early April~ Mid April. Invite people for user testing (Such as Open UBC group)
  • Rie to prepare documentation for the upgrade.

March 14, 2018 (UBC Wiki, CMS and blogs communication notes)

Action Item

  • Upgrade Notice for Change Request(Rie/Tim): Rie will touch base with Tim about adding a Change Request (Smaller version of IT bulletin board ) for how the upgrade in Wiki affect Wiki embed.
  • Communication on Slack/ UBC CMS and Blogs(Rie/Richard) : Rie will draft a text on communicating about Wiki Upgrade, and how it may affect users who are using wiki embed. Richard will then, send a communication on slack, send email to cms-group and update the Blogs on CMS.
  • Wiki embed (Rie): Rie will test Wiki embed on UBC CMS Support Verf.
  • Front Page on Wiki (David): David will be working on with the front page of the Wiki. Keep the elements on the current wiki top page (Such as the Create,Share,Educate, Collaborate ). Put the "Featured Article" part more on the top.

Items that need to be checked-in on March 19th meeting (UBC Wiki April 2018 Upgrade Check-in meeting)

  • How to inform users on UBC Wiki about the upgrade . Check-in with: Novak, Pan, Will, Scott, or Tim.