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UBC Student Union Building
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Address: 6138 Student Union Blvd
Metro Vancouver, BC


Address: 6138 Student Union Blvd, Metro Vancouver, BC


The current Student Union Building (or SUB) opened on Sept. 26, 1968 on the site of the old University stadium.

It is the second SUB on the UBC campus. The first was Brock Hall, which opened in 1940, but had become inadequate to serve the growing student population by the late 1950s.

Starting in 1958, there was talk of building a new SUB, but nothing serious happened until the 1960s when an architectural consultant was hired and a design competition was held. The winner of the competition was Kenneth R. Snider, and plans were put in place to construct a new building based on his design.

To pay for the new building, the students approved a $15 increase in their AMS fee through a referendum, and altogether paid about $3.5 million of the $5 million cost.

When it opened in 1968, the new SUB contained business offices for the AMS, a bank, a barbershop, a games room, a cafeteria, an auditorium, meeting rooms, club rooms, and a bowling alley (the bowling alley remained until the mid-1980s).

The SUB at that time did not contain a pub, but a campaign in favour of a student drinking establishment on campus soon led to the opening of The Pit, which was first located on the second floor. Only in 1973, after an expansion of the SUB, did The Pit move into its current basement location.

Read more about the new SUB plans. Via AMS Website

Businesses in the SUB