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AMS Student Nest
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Address: 6133 University Blvd, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1
Vancouver, BC

The AMS Student Nest, or The Nest is a 4-floor-student union facility at the UBC Vancouver Campus[1]. It replaced the Student Union Building in 2015 to become the new center for student socialization. It is also home to many of UBC’s student clubs. The Nest houses cafés, restaurants, tables, student lounges, conference spaces, and quiet study-spaces[2][3].


In 2008, the Alma Mater Society passed a referendum to replace the aging Student Union Building (SUB) with a new, larger, and environmentally sustainable facility. After heavy negotiations, a ceremony was held in 2012 to officially begin construction of the new building[4].

The AMS Student Nest was designed by the architecture company Dialog, with construction managed by Bird Construction. The project, sponsored by AMS and UBC, carried a budget of $106.760 million[3]. Sustainability was a major focus of the project, and as a result the building was LEED certified[2][5]. This was mainly achieved through passive air conditioning, insulation, greywater recycle, and rainwater collection[5].

The AMS Nest officially opened on June 1, 2015, becoming the next and current student union building[4]. Since then, the old SUB has been repurposed and renamed as the UBC Life Building[6].

List of Notable Businesses in the Nest

Note: check out the reference sources or click the available links for more information[7][8].

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