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UNDER CONSTRUCTION : Planting a seed to get ER&A documentation, policies, procedures and best practices out of our heads and into something more user-friendly.

What I am going to try here is a modification of TERMS for the UBC Library environment.


Trial Phase - Workflows for Requesting, Setting Up and Taking Down Trials.

Review / Evaluate



Insert Permissions Button - Code for the "Permissions Button" to be inserted in newly "Subscribed" Databases in Knowledgeworks

Library Branding - List of "brands" or logos for Vendors to use

Support / Maintain

IP Blocked - When IP(s) have been blocked by a vendor or excessive downloading via IP(s) reported

EZproxy & Voyager Patron Groups - Which Patron Groups are blocked by or allowed past EZproxy

Course Reserve Problems - How ER&A troubleshoots Course Reserve problems

Public Desk

Public Desk Triage - Suggested approach to helping patrons who contact a "front-line" public desk with an online resource problem

EZproxy & eBook Access - Which ebook providers are only available to current Students, Staff & Faculty

Replacement URLs (Vendor Records) - If a URL breaks in a vendor-supplied Catalogue record

Review / Usage Stats




Statuses for Knowledgeworks -Statuses used in Knowledgeworks for Databases & Title Holdings (not "License Statuses")

Core Competencies -a DRAFT document on the different competencies needed by ER&A staff (particularly the "Access Team")

EZproxy Wiki -information on EZproxy for patrons