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Insertion of Permissions Button into Newly Activated Resources

As discussed in the ER&A meeting for March 05, 2013; ER&A (Access) will add one of two Permission Button URLs to newly activated resources. ER&A License staff only need notification (via lib-eresources ) if code (1) is used:

  1. For paid or restricted access resources: <a href= "">Permitted Use</a>
  2. For “free” (as in accessible to anyone) resources: <a href= "">Permitted Use</a>

  • As a further refinement, for “free” resources that are aggregated from various sources (ie GFMER Free medical Journals) include the Note as not all content may be available:

<a href= "">Permitted Use</a> Note: Access and use restrictions vary by title.

Buttons will be entered at the Database level. There is generally no need to enter a Button at the Title/Holding level as:

  • Licenses generally cover all Titles in a Database
  • ER&A (Access) will strive to keep resources from the same Provider, but under different licenses (when it is obvious) Activated in different Databases
  • ER&A (Licensing) will check when they attach the actual license.

Exceptions to the above may occur for Databases that are really “Platforms” used by several publishers, for example the Database IngentaConnect (code: RIG) has Titles/Holdings from various publishers. In these cases, the Permissions Button will be entered at the Title/Holding level. The exception Databases are listed below:

  • IngentaConnect

The HTML code for the button plus the URL for the license page will be entered in the Database field “Public All Titles Note” and the display box ticked (for Title/Holding level use the field “Public Note” and tick the box). Using this procedure, ER&A (Licensing) will run reports to find new resources that need license work.

As a further clarification, only use button code (2) for resources that are clearly & completely open to everyone. If in doubt, use code (1) and notify ER&A License so that they can review.

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