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NOTE: This information is somewhat out-of-date. Students, Staff, Faculty, Affiliated Students use a CWL. Only a few groups (Affiliated Staff & Faculty, Faculty Authorized Users, for example) still use Barcode & PIN to get past EZproxy.

Review "EZproxy Definitions of Authorized Users" for more up-to-date info


The following Voyager "Patron Groups" are Allowed / Block via EZproxy:

Note: Almost all users must use CWL. Only a few groups still use UBCcard Barcode & PIN

Allowed Past EZproxy Blocked by EZproxy
Affiliated Student † Community Aboriginal
Affiliated Faculty/Staff *† Community BC Colleges
Alumni ~ Community Continuing Ed
Faculty Community Corporations
Faculty Authorization * Community Donor
Faculty Emeriti Community GNW
Graduate Community Institution
Graduate Distance Community Pay
Graduate Special Community Rare Books
Hospital Faculty Community Senior
Hospital Resident Credit Bureau
Library Lending Hospital Staff
Library Lending Network Library Binding
Library Processing Okanagan Community Free
Okanagan Faculty Okanagan Community Pay
Okanagan Faculty Auth Special Privileges
Okanagan Faculty Emeriti Study Carrell
Okanagan Staff Undergraduate CE
Staff Community Free
Undergraduate Distance
Undergraduate Special
    • Use Barcode & PIN

† Affiliated mean those at the Theological Schools
~ Only select resources are licensed for Alumni. Can only get past EZproxy for those

EZproxy Wiki -information on EZproxy for patrons

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