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Replacement URLs for Vendor Supplied Catalogue Records

For several reasons, it may be necessary to replace a URL in a Vendor-supplied Catalogue record (for example, it "breaks" or the supplied URL isn't set up in EZproxy and re-routes to a type that is). Rather than try to replace that URL with a direct URL to the resource, build an OpenURL that connects to the resource via the Citation Linker. This OpenURL will then use the URL from Knowledgeworks, which should be constantly updated by Serials Solutions.

The replacement URL will be sent to Cataloguing & Metadata through the "Report a problem with this record" button via the OPAC with a request that the 856 field be updated. Be sure to include your name on the form.

To generate the replacement OpenURL, the following elements should be used:

  • BaseURL for Citation Linker ( )
  • an identifying element for the resource (for ebooks, ISBN is preferred over Title) which MUST match the entry in Knowledgeworks
  • an identifying element for the source (the UBC Catalogue, use sid=UBCcatalogue for consistency) should be added in case a patron submits a problem later and only includes the URL <= we'll know the source was the Catalogue

Examples of replacement URLs would look like:

-or- Biorefineries&sid=UBCcatalogue

ISBN is preferred to title as sub-titles and title punctuation (like colons) can cause problems.

A review of the entry in Knowledgeworks must take place as the ISBN or Title must be an exact match, the item must be Subscribed and the Display in 360 Link box must be ticked.

It is doubtful this would be applied to anything other than ebooks, so any other resources will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

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