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ER&A Staff Workflow for Troubleshooting Course Reserve Problems

Note 1: It is important to distinguish between “Course Reserves” (the Blackboard/Connect/LOCR system managed by the Library) and faculty course lists or reading lists (managed by the faculty member or their faculty IT). While we will of course help solve access problems for reading/course lists, management of those lists is outside of the Library’s mandate.
Note 2: To troubleshoot a problem, you will need to know the Course Name or Code the resource is listed under.

LOCR is the in-house-built management system for resources placed on Reserve. Both physical and electronic resources are listed, the “e” with links that either go directly to the resource or via the Citation Linker. URLs are based on results of Summon searches.

To access the Connect site, go to the Course Reserves Page and log in with a CWL. After that:

1) Click on the “Library” tab and enter the Course Code and select the matching course. The Course Homepage comes up.

2) A list of Reserve Items will appear. For the problem resource, click on “View” to see the link in action –or- click on “Edit” to see the citation information **but do not edit anything**.

3) You can click on “Switch to Student Mode” up top to see student view.

4) From the “Course Home” page, click on the “Add Reserve Items” tab to do a search in Summon as Faculty do it

5) Let Branch Reserve unit know of any problems, fixes or if it is not an access issue but a Connect problem. Branches responsible can be found in “Instructor Mode” under the “Need Help?” tab.

Icons are also explained under the "Add reserve Items" tab (in Instructor Mode):

If the Item is an online resource managed by UBC Library and the problem is with access, try to resolve.

If the problem is not an online resource managed by the Library, re-direct problem to the owning branch for the Course Reserve.

If the solution requires the URL linking to the online resource to be replaced, contact the owning branch (as above) and send:

  • Course Code
  • The Item ID (this is the unique database ID number located to the leftmost side next to the item title)
  • Title of Item
  • URL to search result in Summon (the branch will construct a URL from that)


  • Copyright Office handles permissions for items without a license
  • DocStore is the in-house server where uploaded PDFs are stored

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