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The FROGBEAR project is committed to creating an open access data repository to be hosted by the University of British Columbia (UBC). High quality materials produced and selected by FROGBEAR research clusters will be archived in cIRcle, UBC's open access digital repository, and made available through the Library's Open Collections portal ( Each item is given a persistent link (URI and DOI) and is easily findable on search engines such as Google.

This wiki contains recommendations for data and metadata collection for FROGBEAR cluster field trips. Each research cluster can adjust responsibilities and processes based on needs, capacities and working conditions of each group. FROGBEAR metadata principles and standards, however, are necessary for inclusion in the repository. In particular:

  • Data supplied must include metadata in the required format
  • Multimedia content should be in open (non-proprietary) formats
  • Material must be accompanied by a cIRcle license signed by its creator(s). This license permits cIRcle to make content available under a Creative Commons License (CC BY). (Answer yes to both questions)
  • Any depictions of identifiable persons must be accompanied by a signed release form

Before beginning data collection, please review the Workflow Recommendations for Data Collection document.

Describing your data

Describing your data
Documentation:Library:Circle/FROGBEAR Describing your data
This document explains how to describe your data when filling out the metadata spreadsheet. Every item in the collection must be accompanied by metadata so that users can find it and understand it.

Title metadata

Documentation:Library:Circle/FROGBEAR Title metadata
This document describes how to record titles for both textual and non-textual materials.

Description metadata

Documentation:Library:Circle/FROGBEAR Description metadata
This document describes the rules and process of filling in the description field.

Item record example

Documentation:Library:Circle/FROGBEAR Item record example
This document shows the process of how data (photos/videos) and metadata (descriptions) become item records in UBC Open Collections.

Organizing content for upload

Organizing content for upload
Documentation:Library:Circle/FROGBEAR Organizing content for upload
This document describes the steps that need to be taken in order to organize content for upload into FROGBEAR repository.


Documentation:Library:Circle/FROGBEAR OwnCloud
This document describes how to create an OwnCloud account and upload FROGBEAR/From the Ground Up project content.