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Using the UBC Wiki to Enhance Learning through Open Assignments

  • March 9, 2023


slides (pdf)

Examples of Wiki Assignments and Projects


Self Paced Activity: Brainstorm your Wiki Assignment project!

Start a new wiki page from the box below to brainstorm your wiki assignment

List of Wiki Assignment Brainstorms


Student as Producers


Copyright/Open Licensed Resources

Resources on Privacy

Grading wiki assignment in Canvas

Revision History

Finding Open Licensed Images in UBC Wiki

Wiki Help

Wiki basics.png Formatting.png Add media icon.png Adding pages.png Licensing Citation.png
7 Things About Wikis

Privacy in UBC Wiki

About the UBCWiki

Help and Support

Basic Formatting

Formatting Tables

Footnotes and References

Adding Images

Embedding Video

Embedding Slides

Adding a Sandbox Page

Renaming or Moving a Page

Upload a new version of a file

Sources for Open Images

Open Licenses

Attributing Open Licensed Material

Searching for Open Education Resources

Citing Resources in the Wiki

Adding Creative Commons License


  • LT Hub (
  • Will Engle (
  • Rie Namba (

Drop in-section

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